Eyelid malposotions

(Ectropion, Entropion, Lid retraction)

Normally the eyelid remaims in contact with eyeball and the lashes are directed outwards. During straight gaze (looking forward), upper lid covers a small part of central black portion (cornea) of eyeball, whereas lowerlid remains just at the lower border of the same (cornea).

Eyelid malposition means abnormal position of the eyelid.
It can be inward turning (Entropion) or out turning (Ectropion) of the eyelid margin; or the whole eyelid can be retracted from eyeball (lid retraction).
This can occur as a birth defectin a child (uncommon), or secondary to injury or aging (common).
Eyelid malpositions lead to eye irritation, watering, foreign body sensation, dryness  and even a cosmetic blemish. These can be corrected by various eyelid plastic surgery.

Concerned Doctors in CLGEI
Dr. Debarati saha, M.B.B.S., M.S. ,FLVPEI (Hyderabad)