Lacrimal (Tear) system disorder

The lacrimal (tear) glands produce tear constantly to keep the eye lubricated. The tears drain away from the eye through the lacrimal drainage system.

Dacryology deals exclusively with watering of the eyes and disorders of the tear drainage. Any disorders affecting this system can lead to impaired tear flow with resultant watering,
Infection of the large drainage pathway (lacrimal sac) leads to dacryocystitis (NASOOR), which may progress to orbital (back part of eye) infections.
Blockage of the tear drainage pathway can occur as birth defect (CNLDO). Simple lacrimal sac compression can relief the condition. If not resolved by 1 year of age, here at CLGEI, babies can be examined under anaesthesia with endoscopic (DOORBIN) guidance through nose by highly specialized and skilled doctors and the condition can be cured.
Blockage of the tear drainage pathway in adult needs a bypass surgery called Dacryocystorhinostomy or DCR. By this surgery a new drain is created between the eye and nose. This can be done either through skin side or through nose using endoscope (DOORBIN). Surgery through nose gives absolutely scarless (bina daag/nishan) operation.

Concerned Doctors in CLGEI
Dr. Debarati saha, M.B.B.S., M.S. ,FLVPEI (Hyderabad)