Lid and facial trauma

Accident, injury or trauma can affect any part of the body including face & eyes. After injury, patient’s life should be stabilized first. Once life threatening conditions are taken care of (mostly in multi-specialty hospitals), attention needs to be given to the face, and particularly the eye region. Injury can affect any structure of the eyelid, eyeball and the surrounding bones (fractures) depending upon the mechanism and force of injury.
Eyelid is a delicate and important structure, and if injured, needs meticulously repaired to preserve its normal shape and function. Also to prevent post-operative ugly looking scar and malposition of facial structures, the surgeon needs to put appropriate stitches (materials & thickness).
Injury to the tear ducts (canaliculus) within the eyelids require special placement of silicone tubes within them to keep them open while the injured eyelid heals.
Fractures of the bone surrounding the eye (orbital walls) may cause the eyeball to sink back into its socket. It can also lead to facial deformity, poor eye movement, or loss of vision.
Apart from thorough ocular examination, imaging (CT or MRI) is often required to know the extent of injury and plan management accordingly.
Management of oculo-facial trauma needs multidisciplinary (oculoplastic surgeon, maxillofacial surgeon) approach and often staged procedures. The outcome of trauma repair entirely depends upon extent and severity of injury.

Concerned Doctors in CLGEI
Dr. Debarati saha, M.B.B.S., M.S. ,FLVPEI (Hyderabad)