Patient Care Services

We offer both out-patient services and in-patient services at our hospitals. We have a dedicated team of Specialist Ophthalmologists, nursing staff, administrative staff and support staff to ensure that all our patients receive excellent treatment.

In-Patient Services:

We offer state of the art facilities and have 4 operation theatres equipped with latest equipment and trained dedicated personnel. Our in-patient facilities include 25 beds, which consist of deluxe rooms, semi-private & private A/C rooms, single or double occupancy and general wards. Trained ophthalmic nursing assistants provide Twenty-four hour nursing care. Our in-patient services are fully supported by a drug counter and canteen facilities for the patients as well as their attendants.

Out-Patient Services:

Our Out-patient services work on all days except on Sundays and festival holidays. However, 24 hours emergency services function on all days throughout the year.

Depending on the nature of the problems, patients are diagnosed and treated as out patients. However, if the treatment requires special procedures or surgeries, patients are advised of the facilities available and are counseled suitably. We have various sub specialties like cataract, cornea, glaucoma, neuro ophthalmology, squint and pediatric ophthalmology, retina, uvea, orbit & oculoplasty. We also have an Optometry Department in contact lens and low vision aid, computes vision check services that goes a long way in administering comprehensive eye care "for every patient" all under one roof. Only one person is allowed to accompany with patient inside the hospital. For children below 12 years / Physically handicapped patient, two attendant are allowed.