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CLGEI's community outreach program is a very part of institute since its start, with the aim of making high-quality, comprehensive eye care accessible to all. Focuses on both the geographically as well as the economically disadvantaged groups.

Objectives of community outreach program :

  • To provide eye care services to the rural and unreachable parts of the western Uttar Pradesh.
  • To generate eye health awareness in the remote areas of northern part of country.
  • To train eye care personnel for providing efficient eye health services.
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  • 1. CLGEI - ORBIS comprehensive childhood blindness program
  • 2. Operation Eye Sight Universal
  • 3. Mission for Vision - Mission Jyot
  • 4. Lavelle fund for Blindness
  • 5. Help Me See
  • 6. Help Age India
  • 7. XOVA - Nayan Jyoti
  • 8. SEVA
  • 9. Vitamin Angels

Patient Story

Mrs. Akshara Khatoon is a 46 years lady resident of kala kua – District & Thana Amroha. She has no children and her husband died long ago. Her family has 3 brothers and 5 sisters none of the sisters was married and is elderly. She stays with one of her sisters so her sisters to take care of each other.

Ashkara discontinued her studies at 6th standard due to poor vision and was compelled to biri making at home to make her living. She had to stop biri making after some years because of her gradually deleing vision and inability to go nearby city to get her eyes checked for non-affordability. So was the plight that she fell from stairs and stitches were applied to her scalp at emergency service at a nearby health facility. She accepted her fate and continued to live like this but could never get her eyes checked.

One day the community health worker (CHW) from Amroha Vision Centre, established by CL Gupta Eye Institute went to her house to examine her eye. She was diagnosed to have a cataract in her both eyes with a vision of counting fingers at 1 meter in her right eye and 4/60 in the left eye. The CHW Explanted to come to Amroha Vision centre for a detailed eye examination to understand the visual potential for which she was not convinced. The CHW explained to her heirs and neighbours that her detailed eye examination will help to properly diagnose and that her cataract can be treated to restore vision. The Neighbours brought her to the vision centre where they could see many patients were being examined by the latest and upgraded machines including Teleconsultations for eye Disease where ocular conditions were examined by doctors via video call telemedicine at CL Gupta Eye Institute. Everyone was happy to see the behaviour of the CHW and how they were examined by Following Covid Protocols. She was referred to CL Gupta Eye Institute, Moradabad to get the Cataract Operated.

On 21st Dec 2021, her right eye cataract surgery was performed successfully. She was surprised to learn that she did not have to pay for the surgery or the stay at the hospital and was not charged for the nutritious meals provided at the hospital, During her discharge, Mrs Ashkara Khatoon’s 4th-week follow-up vision was 6/9 in Feb 2021, she could to see clearly with Right eye and has been back to her active life ever since.

She is quite appreciative of the quality treatment provided to her at the Vision Centre as well as at the hospital. She is thankful to have discovered such a wonderful institution during these difficult times. In his own words, here is her note of appreciation; she is very happy and satisfied with our hospital facility and staff:

“I am quite grateful to CL Gupta Eye Institute and the Amroha Vision Centre set up by Mission for Vision and Standard Chartered, who not only helped me regain my vision but also my dignity.”

Mrs. Ashkara Khatoon

Mrs. Ashkara Khatoon is Happy with her family

Our Network of Vision Centers :

VISION CENTRES form the next level of the primary eye health needs of the community. Drawing upon local talent and staffed by persons from the local community, each Vision Centre caters to a cluster of villages, individually servicing a target of around 50,000 people.

As of April 2022, we have 23 Vision Centers which is going to expand in near future.


Mr. Satya Prakash

Outreach Manager
C L Gupta Eye Institute, Moradabad, U.P

Mr. Ritesh Kumar

Faculty & VT Education In charge
C L Gupta Eye Institute, Moradabad, U.P

Sr.No. Vision Centers Address Name Posted VT/ Optometrist
1 Gulabbadi Nirmal Ashram Gurudwara, Gulabbadi Phatak Kathghar Moradabad Nazhat
2 Dalpatpur Haji Wajid Market Dalpatpur Moradabad Sakshi
3 Bilari Near Zila Sehkari Bank Bilari Moradabad Aana Saifi
4 Kunderki Saifi Wali Puliya Near Nawab Restaurant Kunderki Sanju Saini
5 Chhajlet Near Prathma Bank Chhajlet Moradabad Rajesh Saini
6 Bhojpur Pramukh Market Bojpur Moradabad Nisha Parveen
7 Thakurdwara Near Kotwali Thakurdwara Moradabad Vishal Singh
8 Sambhal Begum Sarai Road, Near Roadways, Sambhal Anjali Sharma
9 Amroha Rajeev Kumar Agarwal, Dehli wale kaot saray new Ashoka boot haouse, Police chauki, Amroha Mohd Hasan
10 Bilaspur Near Mandi Gate New Govt. Hospital Road Bilaspur (Rampur) Raman Prajapati
11 Dhanaura Near Cold Storage Mandi Dhanaura (Amroha) Ankit
12 Seohara Bank Of Baroda Ke Samne Moradabad Road Seohara (Bijnor) Suruchi Pal
13 Dhampur Ahmad Ali Road Near Bansal Cinema Dhampur (Bijnor) Sadiya Khan
14 Dilari Karanpur Surjan Nagar Road, Near Gas Agency, Dilari Divyank Kumar
15 Noorpur Roadways Bus Stand Ke Piche, Panchsheel Market, Islam nagar, Noorpur Shweta Rajput
16 Chandpur Near Dr. K.C Mittal Sation Road Chandpur Bijnor Neetu
17 Gajraula Thana Basti Road Near Shiv Bholenath Dairy Avantika Market Gajraula Khadiza
18 Hasanpur Rehra Bypass Road Hasanpur Amroha Zulfiqar Ali
19 Nagina Near Raypur Bus Stand, Nagina, Bijnor Sumayya Choudhary
20 Naugawan Sadat Janab City Complex Nai Basti Naugawa Sadat Ifla Hafeez
21 Afzalgarh Kotwali Ke Samne, Near Petrol Pump, Afjalgarh Mohd Sajjad
22 Nehtor Peer ki Chungi Dhampur Road , Nehtor Ayesha
23 Joya Near Jama Masjid , Joya Hirdesh Chauhan

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