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Current Projects

Community outreach program is to provide eye care services in the rural areas to all economic section of society who cannot reach to these services on their own. The name of our outreach program VCARE symbolizes Vision Care as well as it represents the unity and efforts of our outreach team as ''We Care''. CLGEI has been doing outreach in form of camps since 2010.

Community Health (VCARE)

The objectives of VCARE are:

  • To provide eye care services to the rural and unreachable parts of the country.
  • To generate eye health awareness in the remote areas of the country.
  • To train eye care personnel for providing efficient eye health services.

Pediatric Eye Health Program

CLGEI- Orbis Comprehensive Childhood Blindness Project (2014-2018)

Project Goal:

To improve access to quality eye care among children in western Uttar Pradesh (UP) by strengthening community outreach and the paediatric ophthalmology centre at C.L. Gupta Eye Institute, Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh.

Project Objective in Output Terminology:

1. Strengthening the existing paediatric ophthalmology unit.

2. Capacity Building training for Pediatric eye care team including ophthalmologist, pediatric orthoptist /optometrist, pediatric nurses, vision technicians for vision centers, community outreach workers, low vision & rehabilitation worker, biomedical technician and project manager at POLTCs and through Hospital Based Programs (HBPs).

3. Training for 200 ophthalmologists, general physicians, paediatricians, neonatologists and rural registered medical practitioners up to one day in paediatric ophthalmology through CME sessions.

4. Training for 1,000 Community Volunteers (School Teachers & Anganwadi Workers) on vision screening of children and case referral.

5. Refurbishment of five vision centres to provide primary child eye care services in the peripheral areas.

6. Screening of 250,000 children, Treatment for 11,500 children (Including provision of 2,185 spectacles) & surgeries for 1,515 children at base hospital.

7. Educated on preserving & safeguarding eyesight of children to 13,100 parents & community stakeholders.

8. Successful Completion of two operational research studies.

Journey during April 2014 -March 2017

The said project has just completed its first year & initial output was quite satisfactory in aspect of quality service delivery. Existing Paediatric Ophthalmological unit was well equipped with modern medical equipments. 04 vision centres was refurbished to ensure quality primary child eye care services in the peripheral areas. Total 578 outreach camps were conducted in remote rural areas & urban slums. Total 2179 free spectacles were distributed & 383 free surgeries were performed during April 2014 -March 2017.

  • Doctors trained for one day through CME: 327
  • Community Volunteers trained:922
  • Paramedics and support staff trained: 19
  • Children Screened/ examined : 213576
  • Children treated : 3367
  • Surgeries performed : 1188
  • People educated on protecting their sight:9736

Community Eye Health Program

Community health program for prevention of avoidable blindness:-

The first project has been taken under the strategic guidance of Operation Eye Sight universal in the block of Chhajlet with a population of 2 lacks. The main goal of the project to eliminate avoidable blindness.

Name of "Avoidable Blindness Free Villages" 2014- 2017

  • Malhpur
  • Nazrana
  • Faleda
  • Ishapur
  • Sanjarpur
  • Bhajanpuri
  • Bisahat
  • Jaitpura
  • Jagrampura
  • Chak Lalpur
  • Chak kohanku
  • Lalpur Teetri
  • Folda
  • Patti
  • Akbarpur Sihali
  • Mathana
  • Sadakpur Khichdi
  • Bilayat Naga
  • Kiratpuri
  • Shekhupura
  • Rana Nagla
  • Chhaj Nagla
  • Gadai theda
  • Harpal Nagar
  • Raniyather
  • Hirapur
  • Aehrolla
  • Rajora
  • Dupeda
  • Dupeda majhra
  • Shahpur Mubarakpur (Kokarpur)